Climate Smart Agriculture

Despite the abundance of resources for Agric. production, Ghana remains a net importer of food with dated production methods and inefficient value chains. Climate adaptation solutions to agriculture will improve production and increase the resiliency of especially small farmers to climate change.

Main applications:

New Resilient Crops/Seeds, Water/Energy Efficient Agri-Machinery/Equipment, Water/Energy Efficient Irrigation Systems, Climate Friendly/Energy Efficient Food Processing, Bio Pesticides & Fertilizers, Agricultural Waste Management

HJA Africa

Nat-K Company

Agro Quorum Limited

Green Gold Gardens Limited

Sayetech Company Limited

Ropryn Company Limited

Hon-Makem Ventures

Hendy Farms

Fosuah Food Chain Limited

Techshelta Limited

West African Feeds

Sysfarm Limited

Sugarland Limited

Selux Organics Limited

Pure Organic Teamaker Limited

Pure and Just Co. Ltd

Nsoroma Farms Limited

Miji Enterprise

Lakesyde Farms

Kete-Krachi Farms Ltd

Green Gold Limited

Gaia Greenfields Limited

Farminista Africa Ltd.

Farm Cure Ghana Limited

AY Farms

Sesi Technologies

Agro Sourcing Limited

West African Feeds

Y&M Regeneration Ltd.

Beau Monde Agriquatic Solutions

Hikma Agro Services Ltd.

Oko Forests

Royal Citrus Growers

Alliance for Seed Multiplication (ASM-Ghana)

Tilaa Ltd.

Vinmark Farms

Timtooni Agro Supplies

Mayiya Investments Company Ltd.


Hope Givers


Unique Quality Product Enterprise

Green-Ef Eco Business Village Ltd

El Balicon Limited

Moringa Connect Company Limited

Farmable World Company Limited

Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative

Kwamoka Farms & Processing Ltd

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