Agro Quorum Limited

Godfred Obeng Amoakoh is the Chief Executive Officer of Agro Quorum Limited. He holds a first degree in Agricultural Technology from the University for Development Studies. For the past 12 years, he has been working in Rural and Industrial Agricultural Development.

Agro Quorum was incorporated in 2018. The company provides farm management services, inputs, planting materials, and trades various oil palm commodities among oil palm smallholder farmers and large corporate plantations.

The company has three service center located in the Eastern (Kade and Kusi) and Central Regions (Jukwae). These are known as Palm Homes (Abefia) and provide comprehensive value chain systems for oil palm farmers. Currently, the company provides farm services for more than 2000 hectares of farmlands with a farmer base of more than 320 farmers, and 5 large co-op plantations.