Policy Alternatives for a Green Economy (PAGE - Ghana)

At GCIC, we recognize that all countries must chart their own transition to a low-carbon or zero-carbon economy. But the longer any country delays its own transition, the more costly that transition will be in the long term.  

In Ghana, the barriers for the climate and clean technology sector cover a broad spectrum of policy gaps as well as weaknesses in regulation and enforcement arrangements. GCIC believes the policy and regulatory gaps are overarching and the most important barriers that need to be resolved if the sector will experience incremental development and growth.  

Through PAGE-Ghana, our policy advocacy work unit, GCIC strives to influence the acceleration of government decision making for policies that give room for a climate resilient society driven by innovation, low carbon solutions, ‘carbon budgets’, and policy plans to meet carbon budgets.

PAGE – Ghana implements its work through the implementation and execution of:

  • Green Policy Research, green policy & fiscal research; 
  • Government Advocacy on climate policy issues; 
  • Policy Dialogues, Roundtables and Events.
  • Int’l Peer Exchange & Knowledge Brokerage