Domestic Waste Management

Increasing population with its resultant increased waste production in Ghana has outpaced the country’s capacity for effective waste management. Innovative solutions to domestic waste management can bridge this capacity gap and lead to cleaner environments and healthier citizens.

Main applications:

Recycling, E-Waste Management, Biogas Generation, Biomass Power

Printland Limited

Grow for Me

TekXul Company Ltd

Imogen Carly Ventures

Premier Waste Services

Uvuko Company Limited

Eazz Foods Ltd

Asa Nwura

Sesa Recycling Co. Ltd

Mending Plantain And Banana Papers

Fibre Wealth Co. Ltd

Byhezz Ventures

Advanced Packaging

Eco Fashion

Pyramid Recycling Enterprise

Green Campus

Kor.Le.Kour Accessories

Jumeni Technologies Limited

Hamy Comfort

GreenPack Limited

Biosewers Limited

Aqua Green Initiative

Mckingtorch Creatives

Nelplast Ghana Ltd.

Sons Development Company Ltd.

Chaint Afrique Gh Ltd.

Special Learning Materials Ltd.

Coliba Waste Management Services

Ripples Interior Decor

Loo Works

Yensom Enterprise

Kolics Ventures


Ecovon Limited

Neat Meat Company Limited

Cibus Technologies Limited

Gamma Energie

Biogas Technologies Africa Limited

Alchemy Alternative Energy

DAS Biogas Construction & Water Harvesting Ltd