Ripples Interior Decor

Jeffrey Kwabena Yeboah is the founder of Ripples Interior and he describes himself as a goal-getter and a solution-oriented individual. He is currently a final year student of University of Ghana studying Information Studies.

Ripples Interior Decor is an innovative startup in Ghana with the core aim of promoting and adopting sustainable environmental practices through a unique business model which recycles car tyres into finished consumer products for the interior decoration of rooms, offices and any outdoor space. The unique concept of Ripples Interior lies in the ability to use damaged car tyres, locally made jute ropes and pieces of African prints to produce products such as wall mirrors, a variety of tables and other types of furniture. The target market for our recycled products includes hotels, offices, beach resorts, homes, restaurants and pubs, and any other building space. Through this sustainable business model and with a strong partnership with automobile companies, civic organizations, green businesses and private individuals, we hope to put an end to the improper disposal of car tyres such as burning and the dumping in water bodies and drains.