Aqua Green Initiative


Bernice Wilmot Oppong is the Co-Founder & CEO of OHS WILMOT. She’s a Chemist and an Environmental Scientist by undergraduate (BSc) and postgraduate (PGDip, MSc) training. Her passion is in the Environmental Sciences, in using scientific methods and tools to make our environment and the natural eco-system sustain a livelihood. She became frustrated by the unending havoc that plastic waste is causing to our environment. I have searched everywhere to consolidate solutions that will contribute significantly to the fight against plastic waste. I thought reducing single use plastic will be a great place to start my personal war on plastic. I was fortunate, working with my partner, to strike an agreement with the US based Tap application, allowing us to use their platform on an exclusive basis, to setup portable drinking water spots in social venues in Ghana. This will allow people to refill their branded refillable water bottles at the same or lower prices than what they pay for their favorite drinking water.

Founded in 2015, OHS WILMOT is an occupational health, safety and environmental management social enterprise. Through our flagship Aqua Green Initiative, we aim to eliminate single-use plastic. We aim to accomplish this through the deployment of smart water ATMs mapped on a mobile App called TAP. TAP is a mobile App that allows users to find nearby places to refill their reusable water bottles on the go. Our refill network is built on partnerships with eco-conscious businesses that refill people`s reusable water bottles to eliminate plastic waste. AquaGreen deploys automatic water dispensers (Water ATMs) in eateries, educational institutions, shopping malls, social event centers, hospitals, hotels, sports stadia and all other public gathering locations across the 16 regions of Ghana. The Water ATMs are mapped on the TAP App, allowing our patrons and community to check in real-time, water refillable access points across Ghana. All patrons need is a refillable water bottle and some coins to buy water from our water ATMs. This initiative will also encourage the use of reusable water bottles by the general public and revolutionize behavioral changes in the fight against single-use plastics.