Eco Fashion



Mrs Vivian Opoku is a digital marketing environmentalist who serves as the Marketing Lead for Ecofashion Ghana Limited. She loves to inspire people to stay away from creating more plastic waste through lifestyle and recycling plastics. She encourages them to use their online presence to advocate for a safe environment and fight climate change.

Eco Fashion is an eco-friendly company that provides holistic recycling solutions to plastic by recycling plastics into useful products and also provides repairs and remodelling services for customers’ damaged or old products.

The company’s value proposition is to give customers durable, quality and functional upcycled and recycled plastic products which they wouldn’t have to dump to pollute the environment when they become old or damaged because they can bring them back for repairs and remodelling. Our customers and we are partners in saving and preserving the environment.

Website: https://ecofashiongh.com/