Hamy Comfort

My name is Hamida Iddrisu founder and CEO of Hamy Comfort a company registered in Ghana to be an icon of hope to the less privileged by making a difference in the environment whiles bringing comfort to the people in Ghana and abroad. My dream has always been to start a business growing up. I realized I need to something to help me take the bold step to succeed in my dream. That is what motivated me to study business Accounting at the tertiary level. I also wanted to further understand what it takes to be successful in business. I joined the EQWIP Hubs program where we were taking through 6 week of foundational and further 9 weeks of entrepreneurship training. I was diagnosed of Essential Tremor growing up which is condition that do not allow me to do a lot of activities. Essential Tremor is a condition that makes my body shake and shiver. Despite these challenges, I started thinking about something that could be possible and comfortable for me to do in order to improve my livelihood. Running my own business is a good fit for me, because I can create a livelihood for myself that does not involve hard physical labour which I cannot do with my condition. Running this business is also a good fit for me because I enjoy providing great customer service to my customers and creating good customer relations.

Hamy Comfort is a climate-friendly company which recycles plastic and other waste materials into new design ideas, we create small décor pillows, neck pillows, regular pillow, and rugs made out of scrap cloth. The pillows are stuffed with discarded water sachets to help counteract the plastic waste issue in Tamale. My social enterprise also employs those who suffer from physical and intellectual disabilities and those people who are unable to find jobs. I also employ able local women (who otherwise are unemployed) to shred sachet rubbers with scissors.