Coliba Waste Management Services

Prince Kwame Agbata holds a first class degree in Information Technology and a postgraduate in Global Environmental Studies from the University of Oslo, Norway. He is a 2018 Global Laureate Fellow and a 2018 AUDI AG scholar for his role on using technology to address environmental problems. He is a software engineering by training and a GreenTech professional by profession leveraging on the use of smart technology to address environmental challenges.

Coliba an early stage Ghanaian startup founded on the principles of innovation, consistency and efficiency. Our services are geared towards helping organizations and communities contribute to a greener and safer environment by reducing the amount of plastic waste they produce in a cost-effective manner through our tailored recycling program. Started in Accra Ghana in June 2016 by two young vibrant Ghanaian in persons of Mr. Prince Kwame Agbata and Mr. Kafui Honu Wisdom, after the loss of their best friend in the 3rd June 2015 disaster, Coliba is focused on massively address plastic waste pollution in Ghana through effective recovery and collection chain for the recycling industry.  Coliba makes use of the Coliba app with an SMS and Voice integration that connects users and homeowners to closest collection points as well as connect waste pickers to closest homes for pickers. Termed as “Uber of waste management “by Disrupt Africa. Coliba Ghana in the interim focuses on massive collection and recovery program within certain districts of Accra and hopes to scale operations from 2019 and recycling these plastics itself.