Biosewers Limited


Cynthia Aveh is an efficient and assiduous relationship manager, who doubles as a cofounder of Trusteefarm Limited. She has taken many entrepreneurial courses and she is an experienced sales person. She is also good at clients and other relationships management. She is a graduate of the founder institute (fi.co), alumni of unlocking women and technology (UWAT) where she learned web development and software engineering. She has also been engaged in many entrepreneurial activities. She has a degree in English. She volunteers for Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD) as a coordinator for the Eastern Region of Ghana.


Biosewers Limited is an indigenous company that has grown to be experts in designing, construction and installation of Bio-digester systems. The archaic method of sewage disposal is expensive to construct, requires consistent desludging, occupies a lot of space and poses problems to the environment. The Bio-digester is a perfect alternative and lasting solution to the aforementioned issues. It is comparatively cheaper to construct; it requires less space to construct, it eradicates bad smell and breeding grounds for insects leaving a serene and clean environment. Biosewers designs and constructs a modern and affordable organic sewage treatment system for all homes using a simple technology from materials around us. This sewer system converts fecal matter to manure as its by-product. These systems are affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly. We are also designing a search engine that would generate revenue via the searches on the web to build more toilets and improve sanitation.