Mckingtorch Creatives

Makafui Awuku holds a BSc Marketing Degree from the University of Professional Studies majoring in Environmental Management. Makafui is the founder of Mckingtorch Creatives a social enterprise that uses plastic waste for arts and products and does advocacy on plastic pollution and partners other organizations on beach and community cleanup programs.

Mckingtorch Creatives recycles, upcycles, advocates for environmental sanitation and plastic pollution, community and beach cleanups, mentoring and training for youth on creating solutions from waste, plastic waste art exhibitions and sales of products and arts from plastic waste. Mckingtorch Creatives has collected over 120,000 plastic waste from homes, offices and the streets of Accra, employed 3 people and engages over 200 volunteers. Mckingtorch Creatives makes sandals, rubbish bins, flower pots, wall artworks, laundry baskets, bracelets and other products from plastic waste and has exported some of its products to 7 countries including the U.K., Germany, France, and the Netherlands.