Gamma Energie

Emmanuel Asaam has worked in different industries with notable companies such as Stanbic Bank  Ghana, Vivo Energy (Shell) Ghana Limited and Scangroup Limited (where he managed projects both for Coca-Cola and Vodafone). Emmanuel is a results-driven individual with strong critical thinking and analytical skills. He has a good track record of coming up with creative procedures and system processes which are efficient and effective in getting jobs completed with excellence. He started Gamma Energie since 2015.






Gamma Energie’s goal is to contribute positively towards the Green Climate Change industry by providing clean and affordable energy solutions to local communities. They aim to achieve their objectives goals by implementing different projects guided by the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s); these projects cover themes such as Energy Efficiency, Biomass & Renewable Resources, Waste Management & Sanitation. Their project titled “Waste-to-Energy: Clean Burn Briquettes” involves recycling and selling affordable charcoal briquettes from agricultural waste such as cocoa pod husk, palm kernel shells, corn stalk, coconut shell & husk as well as wood waste (saw dust), charcoal dust and other environmentally sustainable biomass resources. Gamma Energie’s Clean-Burn Briquettes are a cheaper and safer alternative to environmentally detrimental cooking and heating fuels such as wood-charcoal, firewood and kerosene.