Hikma Agro Services Ltd.

Amadu Mahama is the Founder and CEO of Hikma Agro Services Ltd a retired utility professional with over 25 years of management experience. An Energy and Development expert with a passion for farming and community development. A social entrepreneur who also founded NewEnergy, an NGO in Northern Ghana that works with partners and communities to provide access to energy, water, sanitation and sustainable livelihood initiatives in rural areas. My goal now is to inspire young people to take up farming as a business.

Hikma Agro Services Ltd is setting up a yam seed multiplication facility in Tamale. The proposed facility will be using an Aeroponic growing system to rapidly multiply foundation seed yam for small holder farmers to multiply into Certified seed for sale to yam farmers across the country. The venture is premised on a technology commercialization arrangement between the Hikma Agro Services Ltd on one hand and three Research Institutes on the other hand.  (IITA, Ibadan, Nigeria) Crops Research Institute Ghana, and Savanna Agricultural Research Institute(SARI), Tamale.  Initial capacity is 2.4million seedlings in the second year, increasing to 10million by the end of the fifth year and serving up to 7000 small holder farmers.