Beau Monde Agriquatic Solutions

Amenyeku Kwaku Winfred is a co-founder of Beau Monde Agriquatic Solutions an integrated fish farming company. Winfred holds a Bachelor in Technology Education. His novelty is to revamp the earth’s depleting natural fish stock to meet consumers’ fish protein nutritional needs in the face of imminent repercussions of climate change. This led to his engagement in the evolution of “Integrated-Irrigation-Aquaculture” a farming model that promote crop intensification and diversification with much focus on environmental stewardship.

Beau Monde Agriquatic Solutions (BMAGSOL) is an integrated agribusiness. BMAGSOL cultivates native African catfish and tilapia zilli alongside vegetables to supply the ever-growing demand-deficit in northern Ghana. Our production systems embrace the efficient utilization of energy and water reuse. Elevated pond wastewater, rich nutrients is recycled as fertilizer for multi-commodity crop cultivation. The cultivated species and crops are chosen based on their complementary functions and potential of synergistic interaction that enhance bio-mitigation for economic viability. BMAGSOL aspires to become an agro-ecological resource pathway and a demonstration farm company.  In addition, the company’s long term goal is to attain bio-resource flow in green leisure fishery, sightseeing and agri-tourism for extra income.