HJA Africa

HJA Africa is a Ghanaian limited liability company that manufactures and sells Organic Farming Aids (OFA) through 140 partner agro-input shops, across Ghana. OFA is a liquid organic bio-stimulant fertilizer, pest and fungal control agent, registered with the Ghana Ministry of Agriculture and EPA.

Henry Abraham is the founder & MD of HJA Africa and is also a director of a major Ghanaian forestry company as well as the Chairman of Boomers, Africa’s leading bamboo bike maker. He holds a Masters in Business Strategy and Leadership from London Business School, and a Maths degree from Cambridge.

OFA is incredibly cost-effective, easy to use and has pest and fungal control benefits.  It is 90% cheaper than most synthetic options. Each liter of OFA used can save the farmer 500 cedis or more compared to synthetic fertilizers.

OFA offers massive environmental advantages over synthetic agro-inputs. It is non-toxic and biodegradable, and therefore it is much safer for farmers, consumers and the environment. The company’s vision is to increase the productivity, profitability, product quality and sustainability of agriculture in Africa and they aim to deliver a $1bn a year increase in African agriculture’s net output within 10 years.

Website: https://hjaafrica.com/