Green Gold Limited


Clement Matorwmasen is the co-founder of GreenGold Ltd. and has a natural passion to help others thrive and he has a strong record in running a company and mediating in conflict situations. He has founded and managed a successful IT-company and completed several governmental building contracts. Whatever the challenge, he will find a solution. As a member of the royal family, he has strong social and cultural connections in the area where we operate. He is strongly committed to make Green Gold S.E. a success and to impact more people’s lives.



Green Gold Limited is a for-profit social enterprise focused on working with climate-smart restorative agriculture creating rich vibrant landscapes while reducing poverty and malnutrition amongst the most vulnerable groups in sub-Saharan Africa, especially Ghana. Green Gold has a passionate and intercultural team with a variety of skills and a vast network of resources and experts to support our activities. It is our mission to reduce malnutrition and fight poverty by introducing and implementing climate-smart restorative agriculture to (smallholder) farmers which produces a variety of highly nutritious organic foods to improve food security and create sustainable jobs while improving the environment.