Nat-K Company

Isaac Ampofo is an agriculturist by training and an entrepreneur.  He is the founder and Managing Director of NAT-K Royal Company Ltd. He has over fifteen years of senior management experience in both private and public sectors and extensive and practical knowledge in oil palm production, mango production, vegetable crops and agricultural marketing etc.

He is a  member of the Governing Board of Tree Crops Development Authority. holds a B.Sc. in Agriculture, and is ILO SCORE trained.

NAT-K is involved in agribusiness value creation. The company provides farm management and marketing services to improve the profitability of smallholder oil palm farmers. Through the establishment of Rural Service Centres (RSCs), the company offers transactional services required by smallholder farmers, mills and traders in the oil palm value chain.

Established in 2014, NAT-K supplies about 6000 MT of Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) and 1000 MT of palm kernel nuts annually to major oil palm processing mills and intends to expand its revenue streams through the provision of Farm Management Services to Smallholder Farmers and provision of Fresh Fruit Bunches and Crude Palm Oil (CPO) aggregation to oil palm mills.

Website: https://natkcompany.com