Farm Cure Ghana Limited


Being a creative, mostly writing, and an outspoken person, Nylla Oforiwaa always figured her life would have rounded up in the courtroom or boardroom defending individuals or negotiating deals. With her additional interest in Mathematics, it was moving really close to the latter. However, on her journey to acquire her degree in BSc Administration, she realized she had an interest in agriculture during a micro finance class. Nylla is a google certified digital marketer, a certification she got while studying for her degree. When she wasn’t working on her assignments, or managing establishments during the vacations, she could be seen on most runways for fashion shows. Nylla spends most of her leisure time reading story books and writing emotional pieces borne from her life. She is an adventurous outdoorsy individual.

Farm Cure Ghana Limited is as a result of extensive research and tours around farmlands in Ghana during the 2017 Kosmos AgriTech Challenge. Farm Cure is a Ghanaian owned brand that seeks to help farmers in West Africa monitor and eradicate pests on farms in the best way possible. It leans towards eco-friendly measures and management systems to make sure the farm produce grows to be the best and have the least amount of pesticide residue as this can lead to health risk for consumers. An industrial revolution is underway with the growth of the agricultural environment. We have pest trap technology that helps trap and identify insect pest and hence predict the subsequent attacks in the future. Farm Cure Ghana Limited has a software that helps identify the pests, severity of the attack and recommend a pesticide and or farm practice to help curb insect pests primarily. We are in the process of including various agronomists to help achieve our goals. At Farm Cure Ghana Limited, we have worked painstakingly and carefully to recruit highly qualified personnel to manage each part of our business. Our current headcount exceeds 10 employees, 3 being permanent and the rest being contract staff mostly working on our software. We are aiming at establishing continuous recruitment and training programs to enhance the existing expertise.