West African Feeds


West African Feeds specializes in the production of a low­-cost, high-protein feed base, made from insects, which serve as an affordable yet equally nutritious alternative to fishmeal which is typically used in protein-based poultry/fish feeds.  West African Feeds grow, harvest, and process black soldier fly (BSF) larvae into protein cakes, targeting small­-scale seafood and poultry farmers. By implementing the principles of the circular economy, they recycle food waste from restaurants, breweries, and market centers into organic material for the BSF larvae production. The BSF larvae are then harvested and sold to feed miller. BSF excrement is also packaged into briquettes, as a sustainable alternative to wood fuel and is also packaged as organic fertilizer for small-scale horticulturists and farming collectives. With the current analysis of the fish industry trends, they believe that a combination of eco-friendly, low-cost and innovative models of animal feed production is necessary to reduce cost barriers as well as further support the growth of Ghana’s aquaculture and poultry industry. Their mission is to scale up the poultry and aquaculture feed sectors in Ghana, and to introduce regenerative, cost-friendly and environmentally sustainable models of organic feed production.

Rose Oduro Serwaa is a budding social entrepreneur and the founder of West African Feeds.  In 2017, she started her own social enterprise called the Black Paradigm Foundation, a local non-profit, geared towards promoting early childhood education, financial literacy and self-development. In 2018, she founded West African Feeds, a startup focusing on recycling organic waste into Agri-feeds for small scale poultry and fish farmers.