Selux Organics Limited


Selorm Etsa Seddoh is the founder and C.E.O of  Selux Organics Limited. A health practitioner with expertise in aromatherapy which is the use of essential oils for healing purposes in chiropractic for the aged and youth in Ghana, with a passion to improve health. Her passion for the business emanated from years of providing care for aged people, skin diseases and other health challenges. With a diverse set of expertise, she holds an Advanced Diploma in Business Information Systems of the Association of Business Executives, UK awarded at the Zenith University. She also holds a Diploma in Home Health Care, and Certificates in Aromatherapy. She is the financial Secretary of the Board of the Biogas Association of Ghana and passionate about recycling waste in a sustainable way. She is also the President of Universal Alliance, a health and social care non-profit organisation. Her quest to improve healthcare and skin care with organic products inspired her to establish Selux Organics Limited.

Selux Organics Limited is an agro-processing social enterprise which extracts oils from avocado, coconut and almond trees as well as essential oils for the production of natural cosmetics, soaps and creams. As a climate-smart company, Selux organics works with women farmers to plant avocado and other herbal trees in an agroforestry system and works with the women to be involved in the value chain of harvesting, sorting and processing of the oils. Selux Organics also uses energy saving stoves in the processing and utilizes the waste into biogas to generate organic manure to improve soil fertility. Selux organics also safeguards Almond trees which are becoming almost extinct in Ghana by replanting them. It targets individuals, expatriates, the aged, cosmetic shops, salons, hospitals and domestic and export market to sell most of the products produced. Currently, the business has developed its MVP and has started generating income on special order basis and though the GCIC incubator it seeks to grow and increase production.