Sysfarm Limited

Padiki Ologo is a Tech Entrepreneur who has a passion for women and youth initiatives in Agriculture. She is a Cofounder of SysFarm. She has expertise in Nutrition and Food Science and has worked in multinational companies like Nestlé Ghana Limited as a domain expert. Frank Wilson is an industrialist expert with a passion to feed Africa and the world with certified produce. He is a Cofounder and Operations Lead at SysFarm Limited. He seeks to develop models and tools in Integrated Pest Management, Use of biopesticides to ensure safe and sustainable food production, food security and food safety in Sub-Saharan Africa.

SysFarm Limited specializes in developing farmer-centric agriculture software mobile applications. We help farmers, Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs), aggregators and Agri-entrepreneurs realize the full potential of their farms. We support them from sowing to harvest by providing them with technology solutions and insights from farm analytics. The company’s agriculture software mobile applications help to manage the agriculture value chain all the way to the last mile, enabling smallholder farmers to participate in global markets. Real-time information allows management to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs and contributes to “smart” agriculture and incentivizes smallholder farmer organizations to embrace technology and increase their production. SysFarm operates across several crops and currently building systems for farms in northern Ghana and has achieved the inclusion of fundamental best practices this cropping season. We work towards creating solutions meant for uplifting farmers and farming as a whole.