Royal Citrus Growers

Ohene Charles Boahene Godwin describes himself as a young energetic man of Royal Citrus Growers Company. He holds a B. Sc in Agriculture, the University of Cape where he took courses such as research methods, agronomy, micro and macroeconomics, entrepreneurship, agricultural extension, agricultural marketing, animal science, soil science and computer science. He has extensive knowledge for research methods, ability to generate and develop financial forecast ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines. I am good at communicating and analytical skills, possess excellent presentation and interpersonal skills and am able to handle multiple tasks.

Royal Citrus Growers was started by growing and selling Citrus seedlings to the public. Part of the money realized was reinvested and the other part was used to sponsor the education of the producer.  At a point sales of the seedlings went down since not many farmers around the area were into an orange plantation. So this encouraged the owner to get a farmland to cultivate the actual plantation. This was started on 17th October 2005. Royal Citrus Growers is now moving further to processing. To help cut down post-harvest losses and also help farmers in the catchment area to buy their fruits for processing. This will help them to have a ready market for their produce.