Sayetech Company Limited

Jeffrey Boakye Appiagyei is an agricultural technology entrepreneur from Ghana and co-founder of SayeTech Company Limited. He studied Agricultural Engineering for his undergraduate program at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and is passionate about building sustainable agribusinesses in Africa.

Theodore Ohene-Botchway, Co-founder of SayeTech, is a Mechanical Engineer with a desire to make a positive impact in his society. Ever since he joined Jeffrey in his endeavour to make machines to help solve the problems of smallholder farmers in Africa, he has been a great source of help and support to him as a co-founder.

Sayetech produces smart agriculture machinery for African smallholder farms. Sayetech tackles agricultural challenges such as harsh climate and soil conditions and small farm size, through a hardware-software ecosystem that combines robust, versatile and small agriculture tools and machinery with IoT and AI to provide customized solutions for each farm, thereby increasing productivity and quality of farm output. Sayetech is a system brand; farmers can decide which service and hardware they want. The company designs, manufactures and provides maintenance and training, and empowers farmers with data to help increase their efficiency. In the long run it envisages targeting small organic farms in industrialized countries.

Website: https://www.sayetech.io/