Oko Forests

Kofi Debrah is passionate about creating and implementing business systems that raise the incomes of tropical rural farming households, whilst regenerating biodiversity. In 2015 Kofi founded OKO Forests, a landscape management company with the goal of creating economic agroforestry buffer zones that surround forest reserves. OKO is currently working at two forest reserves in Ghana. Kofi has managed, created and led multiple high impact projects and social mobilisation campaigns, he has worked with high profile individuals and global institutions. He is born and raised in London in a Ghanaian household, he graduated from the University of Southampton with a BSc in Social Anthropology.

Oko is an environmentally and socially conscious for-profit company that develops value-added regenerative agroforestry systems. A key focus is on protecting forest reserves through the establishment of commercial agroforestry buffer zones that create wealth for the communities who live adjacent to the protected sites. Our vision is to create replicable models that can be used across the tropics to rehabilitate landscapes at scale. Starting with a 40-hectare nucleus farm bordering the Kogyae Strict Nature Reserve (KSNR). Our initial focus crop is cassava which is processed on site into cassava dough and gari for national and international markets. Our long-term sustainable landscape management strategy is to increase the income of the communities who surround protected areas, whilst increasing biodiversity. The development of the KSNR agroforestry buffer zone contributes towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals eight Decent work & economic growth and fifteen Life on Land.