Fosuah Food Chain Limited

Connie Nyador is the Managing Director at Fosuah Food Chain limited and has a vast wealth of experience in agricultural science and farming practices. She has oversight of all daily operational matters and is the major decision-maker with regard to operational efficiency. Connie has undergone training on new and innovative farming techniques and is passionate about the state of food security in Ghana.

Fosuah  Food  Chain  Limited is an agribusiness and social enterprise dedicated to the production of quality planting material to improve the livelihoods of farmers across Ghana and improve the state of food security.

Its mission is to produce quality planting materials to supply smallholder farmers and commercial farmers in the  Adaklu district and Ghana at large while improving the lives of the members of communities in the villages surrounding the farmstead and preventing food waste.  The business does this using improved technology such as the Aeroponic  System and Adaptive  Minisett  Technique.