Agro Sourcing Limited

Richmond Nutsuglo is the co-founder and the C.E.O of Agro Sourcing Limited. He studied Agricultural Science and majored in Postharvest Technology at the University of Ghana and graduated in 2014 with a BSc degree. Richmond worked with the Ghana Armed Forces at the Tema Naval Base as a Greenhouse farm manager for a year in 2015. He later worked as the manager of Greenhouse farms at Akateng in the Eastern region of Ghana for another year in 2016. In November, 2016 and 2017 Richmond worked as a Project Assistant at the British Council Ghana, Skills Hub. Richmond Nutsuglo is a good communicator and a great team player.

Agro Sourcing Limited provides regular, convenient and efficient sourcing of agro residues for processing companies in Ghana. With our business model both farmers and processing companies make extra incomes from their businesses due to how easily we connect agricultural residue or waste to those who have need of them. Agro Sourcing Limited also carries out extensive research on the various uses of agricultural residues and then train local residents of farming communities, especially women, in the production processes of relevant products from readily available postharvest wastes to feed various industries. E.g. local residents are trained in processing coconut wastes to produce coir and charcoal from coconut shells for processing companies. Agro Sourcing Limited also provides market linkage to cottage industries that add value to agricultural residues to processing companies and industries e.g. Agro Sourcing Limited connects farm cottages that produce potassium carbonate salts from cocoa pods to cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies who use them for making of various products.