El Balicon Limited

Mr Conrad Kaaiwula Balig is a self-motivated and results oriented person. He is the Founder of El Balicon Limited, vegetable farm enclave in Wa- Upper West Region. Prior to setting up his company, Conrad served five (5) years as the programme manager for the Youth Alive Project, an initiative to get children off the streets.  He has also in the past worked with the Ghana Education Service as a teacher, rising through the ranks to become a head teacher.

ELB Limited is an Agribusiness focused on harnessing natural and agriculture resources within northern Ghana and further developing them into viable businesses to create job opportunities and promote food security. The Vegetable Farm Enclave under the business name El Balicon Limited is a mechanized drip, shower or mist and furrow irrigation systems with an Antor 17 HP diesel water pump and a 1.5 HP Shakti solar pump near the Black Volta River on a 4.5-hectare land with plans to expand to 15 hectares. “THE VEGETABLE FARM ENCLAVE” has been created to address the lack of access to water on farm land for all-year-round production to further address the persistent shortage and none availability of fresh vegetables on the Ghanaian market.