The Ghana CIC’s clients are entrepreneurs and ventures who have taken a lead in developing climate change solutions across Ghana. From renewable energy to eco-friendly architecture, these companies are part of a global movement working to mitigate the impact of climate change on the world.

Kwamoka Farms & Processing Limited

Kwamoka Farms & Processing Limited (KFPL), a subsidiary of Kwamoka Group Ghana (KGG), is a free zone enterprise that undertakes general farming, tree plantation, afforestation and reforestation for environmental improvement. The company is developing 1200 acres of bamboo orchard intercropped with cowpea/corn. It led by Janette Poku Akom, a Marketing & Management professional with over 30years of professional experience.

Atlas Business Energy System

Atlas Business and Energy Systems Ltd is the first in Ghana to use local components to assemble solar panels and charge controllers. By using local capacity and know how, ABES can specifically design, assembly and install solar energy systems according to the needs of the client. The company is led by Sakeena Twumasi, who has been with the business since its inception in 2010 and eventually took over the leadership in 2012.

Global Bamboo Products Limited

Global Bamboo Products Limited (GBPL) develops bamboo and other non-timber forest products as a substitute for traditional timber products. The current focus is the cultivation of bamboo and processing bamboo into products such as charcoal, briquettes, construction for housing, furnishing and crafts. The company is led by Gloria Asare Adu, an agribusiness management professional with a deep passion for bamboo and rattan.

Comeph and Associates

Comeph and Associates was formed to fill the gap between proper rigorous research and solutions bothering on environmental issues. It employs a technology which converts various polymers (plastic, vehicular tyres etc.) to fuel. One of such fuels developed and tested is a fuel enhancer with octane number of 99. It is led by Michael Kwaku Commeh, a research scientist whose research findings are being used in the academic circles within and outside of Ghana.

Gamma Energie

Gamma Energie’s briquetting technology recycles charcoal waste (“Unusable Charcoal Particles” (UCPs)) – into reusable charcoal briquettes for the primary purpose of heating/cooking. By recycling UCPs, Gama Energie helps reduce the exploitation of the forests and vegetation for the production of charcoal. The company is led by Emmanuel Asaam, an alumni of Ashesi university with a track record of coming up with creative procedures and system processes which are efficient and effective.

Translight Solar

Translight Solar provides a modular, monitored, state-of-the-art inverter with inbuilt payment systems to allow for the monthly payment of installations over 5-10 years. (i.e. the inverter will only operate when monthly payment are made). The company is led by Kobina Eric Nyanteh who has about 20 years experience in designing, implementing and managing huge Information Technology networks such as that of the Maryland Department of Transportation in the United States.

Biogas Technologies Africa Limited

Biogas Technologies Africa Limited has a technology that transforms biodegradable waste materials, such as sewage, cattle and poultry droppings, agro waste, and meat & fish processing waste among others into energy. The company is led by Dr. John Afari Idan, an engineer with over 25 years of experience specialising in Anaerobic Digestion Systems (ADS) Assessment, Planning, Designing and Construction of waste-to-biogas plants.

Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative

Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative is a pacesetter in the production of made-in-Ghana second generation super-crafted bamboo bikes for foreign and local consumption. The business advocates for environmental conservation and low-carbon impact through eco-friendly best approaches. It is led by Bernice Dapaah, a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and an Alumni of the Harvard University’s Executive Education Program.

Rasaboat Ghana Limited

Rasaboat Ghana Limited provides a Solar Home System (SHS) with an embedded Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) prepaid meter. The clients, mostly within off-grid communities, pay about one twentieth of the total cost of the system and immediately have access to the SHS. The company is led by Richard Asamoah Boateng who envisions a future where everyone in the off-grid communities is empowered through the use of SHS to offset kerosene lamp usage for a cleaner, affordable and reliable energy source.

Alchemy Alternative Energy

AAE is a waste management company that converts waste plastics and tires – through internationally approved and environmentally sound processes – into hydrocarbon products by incentivizing local Ghanaian citizens through a well designed waste purchasing program. The company is led by Seth Quansah, a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of business leadership, strategy and management experience.

DAS Biogas Construction Ltd

DAS Biogas Construction Ltd offers a complete form of domestic and institutional waste management services as well as manufacturing of plastic roofing tiles and pavement for the construction industries. The company is currently developing a technology for treating & turning biodegradable kitchen waste into biogas. The lead founder, Enoch Kofi Boadu is a Mechanical Engineer and biogas expert with over 10 years experience in the Biogas sector and a high interest in waste management innovations