Remarks of Ruka Sanusi At The Social Good Summit 2019

Sadly, awareness on climate change and global warming issues seem not to be widespread in Ghana and Africa and where efforts are made in tackling the issues, we find that players most often look in isolation at the problems. Yet its effects are more pronounced in these parts, emphasizing that Climate Change is real and the need for multi stakeholders in acting.

In the face of all this, innovation has proven to be the key to mitigating against and adapting to the effects of climate change.

GCIC nurtures green businesses to scale up efforts towards climate action and increase results. Through training, coaching and support, we are contributing to creating awareness and the adaption of sustainable business models across the country as well as building a green eco-system to act against climate change

Today, we can boldly say; the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre has chalked some successes with developing innovations that are diving mitigation and adaptation to climate change:

Let me use this opportunity to highlight a few:

  1. GCIC entrepreneurs such as Black Star Energy, have extended their efforts to other parts of Africa
  2. In Ghana, we have incubated 80 entrepreneurs from all 16 regions
  3. Over 170,000 households utilize products from GCIC businesses
  4. GCIC entrepreneurs provide 117 direct jobs – 52 of which are women employees
  5. Our businesses have helped eliminate about 1056 metric tons of CO2 emissions
  6. We have facilitated US$772,435 awarded in grants and raised US$1.79 million as early and growth stage funding

We are excited to have partnered UNDP on this Social Good Summit and we hope that everyone present would leave here advocating more for a greener Ghana. Take action to save Ghana! Climate change is real.