Planting Without Soil …A Young Entrepreneur’s Innovation

Another challenge he is confronted with is getting people to accept the system as reliable and safe for planting. Some even have doubts as to whether the system functions properly.

How Ghana Climate Innovation Centre has helped

Cletus says the Ghana Climate and Innovation Centre (GCIC) has been of immense help to him in his entrepreneurial journey. He says it has provided him with the needed business training to help him build his business sustainably. Again, the organisation has also assisted him financially to purchase some machines for processing materials for the soil-less system. Had it not been the GCIC, Cletus says, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

How education has helped

For Cletus, his educational background couldn’t have helped him better. For someone who studied agriculture, both in Senior High School and university, it has given him the needed knowledge to thrive in this field.

Cletus adds that he never regrets the choice he made, even though his father has never agreed with him on choice of profession for life.

How government can support

Cletus says if government extends more focus on agriculture and invests in it, many youths will be interested in joining the sector to turn around the country’s fortunes. He urges government to come out with policies that help agri-business startups. Again, he says there should be more investment for research in agriculture to help entrepreneurs make the right decision when investing in the sector.


“Business is not cut out for everyone. But if your instincts tell you that is what you are meant for, then you have to go for it. But there are lot of challenges along the line, and you must be very tough to overcome them. Learn to start small and don’t think about flying from the beginning. Start small and grow; show the needed commitment and you will succeed. Furthermore, some youths think agriculture is for the uneducated…which is a wrong perception.”

Source: The B&FT