Sabon Sake Ready For Climate Launchpad 2019 Global Competition

Audrey S. Darko, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sabon Sake is convinced that her business will win the Climate Launchpad 2019 Global competition in the Netherlands in November.

In her words, diligence and hard work pay off.

It took some time to meet up with her, especially as she has been doing some international travel, pitching her business to potential donors and partners.

Despite her grueling travel schedule, her face lit up when I asked about Sabon Sake – the climate-smart agri-business that won her second place in the Climate Launchpad 2019 Africa Regional competition in Kenya, a few weeks ago.

Sabon Sake is a green business startup which focuses on transforming agricultural waste into soil amendments that regenerate soil health as well as isolate carbon to help mitigate climate change. This is in the quest to maximize crop yield to ensure food security in Ghana and Africa, while providing jobs and making profits. It is no wonder that her business won the theme award for Zero Hunger at the Africa Regionals competition.

Audrey S. Darko started her business while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the Ashesi University.

Team Sabon Sake at their project site

When asked how she juggled her studies with business – blending academic studies with running a team of brilliant young people – she took a pause, smiled and responded, “The end goal is my fuel. Everything counts. There cannot be too much time, no. But when you find yourself carrying out a task, give it your best because it is essential. Also, my team at Sabon Sake is an amazing one. They make each goal seem within reach”.