Jacgk Trust Enterprise: Pioneering Green Solutions in Kumasi

Nestled in the heart of Kumasi, Ghana, Jacgk Trust Enterprise, led by Mrs. Gloria Johnson, stands a beacon of sustainability, specializing in the crafting of environmentally friendly cook stoves that efficiently burn fuel while reducing emissions. Despite experiencing growth in some areas, Jacgk Trust faced challenges, particularly in effective bookkeeping arising out of the organizational structure and the lack of essential commercial equipment such as a pug mill and a potter’s wheel needed to produce clay liners for their cookstoves, crucial elements for their expansion.

The Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) therefore stepped forward to provide invaluable support to Jacgk Trust. This assistance included fortifying the organization’s structure and supplying the necessary equipment vital for the company’s growth. Thanks to GCIC’s unwavering support, Jacgk Trust not only achieved expanded its operations but also achieved sustainable growth, reinforcing its commitment to eco-friendly practices.

GCIC’s dedicated portfolio management services prompted a re-evaluation of Jacgk Trust’s business model. This reassessment involved a comprehensive SWOT analysis, helping to identify crucial short and medium-term goals for the company’s progress.

Furthermore, GCIC facilitated the hiring of a consultant accountant who played a significant role in developing financial Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and implementing efficient bookkeeping practices, ensuring the sound financial management of the business operations.