GCIC Roadshow Tour Empowers Climate Innovators in Cape Coast and Sunyani 

After the successful launch of the Call for Applications for Cohort 9 of the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC), the GCIC roadshow journeyed to Cape Coast (Central Region) and Sunyani (Brong Ahafo Region). Our aim? To spread awareness about the GCIC business incubator, share application details for each cohort, and outline the requirements for applying businesses. 

Our roadshow has several objectives as outlined below: 

Promoting Sustainable Innovations: 

The GCIC showcased cutting-edge green technologies and sustainable solutions through a mini bootcamp session. This also included spotlighting success stories by our alumni that underlines the positive environmental and socio-economic impacts of these innovations. 

The bootcamp served as a catalyst, inspiring individuals, businesses, and communities to embrace sustainable practices, fostering a shared sense of responsibility towards building a more sustainable and resilient future. Additionally, we expanded our network through collaborations with local hubs, organizations, and businesses dedicated to advancing climate-resilient initiatives. Through visits and radio interviews, we raised awareness about the urgent climate challenges facing our planet, emphasizing the role of innovation in mitigating climate change. Furthermore, we implemented mechanisms to measure the impact of our roadshow on local ecosystems, business development, and awareness levels, gathering valuable feedback from participants to improve future initiatives.