Entrepreneur: “Ghana Climate Innovation Centre made my idea come to life”

By Denmark in Ghana

The Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC), that is led by the World Bank with support from Denmark and the Netherlands, helped Desmond Koney start his entrepreneurship. Mechanical engineer, Desmon Koney, has a passion to help solve one of humanity’s greatest challenge: climate change. Together with partners Andrew Quartey, a computer engineer, and Collins Amoah-Antwi, biochemist, he started Cibus Technologies Limited, a company that provides renewable energy technology solutions.

Today, the company is ready to commercialize their maiden product GIZZEO Biogas System that solves waste and energy issues in residential homes by recycling kitchen waste into cooking fuel and garden fertilizer. Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC), a World Bank-led implemented programme with funding from the Danish and Netherlands government, has helped the three entrepreneurs.

“GCIC is one of the few accelerators in Ghana that are doing well at providing an end to end framework for entrepreneurs. When we started working with GCIC we only had an idea and it would have been very hard to realize it without their help,” says Desmond Koney.

A turning point