Bio Green Energy Limited

Prince Nana Kow Essel, an electrical and electronic engineer from the University of Mines and Technology is a multiple award-winning Schneider Electric trained Energy Access Entrepreneur and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Energy Generation Academy, Lomé.

Awards won includes; Africa Energy Generation Prize 2016 in Lomé, Togo, Africa Energy Ideas Competition in Lagos, Nigeria and “MakeInAfrica” International Contest in Rome, Italy.


BioGreen Energy, a Ghanaian for-profit social inclusive business that develops manufactures and distributes climate-smart and reliable Ethanol fuel gel solutions from molasses, sugarcane bagasse and other agro-waste in a trademarked label “Adepa EcoGel”.

Adepa EcoGel is a clean and climate-smart energy for domestic cooking, it is a smokeless fuel which burns 3 times longer than traditional fuel source for cooking. And it is used in specially designed user-friendly enamel coated aluminum stove of high quality. The fuel gel has citronella, a mosquito repelling additive, included which repels mosquitoes while cooking.