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Joseph Sowatey Komey is the CEO of Synergy Recycle and Waste Management Ltd. I m a young hardworking business entrepreneur with a heart for green business opportunity and sustainable management. Issues of waste management are areas of keen interest and serious consideration as there is nothing like waste in my dictionary. Research and discoveries result in waste being classified as resource, once upon a time gas was defined as impurities today it finds itself in every home. I m a strong advocate for renewable energy as it is the sustainable clean form of energy to be deployed. The climate landscape has change especially in areas of regulation, technology, governance and expectation and we are promptly expected to adapt to these changes through new strategies and improved products and services.

Company Profile: Synergy recycle and waste management is a young and dynamic company specializing in processing a wood pellets for cooking purposes. Our company in located in the western region precisely Takoradi. Wood waste, which is Synergy’s raw material, is collected from timber and local wood processing centres and is converted into wood pellets. These wood pellets have a better burning characteristic as compared to firewood used by locals.