GCIC Cohort 8 Explores Gender Barriers To Financing

Shobita, the founder of Legendary Foods, also revealed the discomfort she sometimes feels as a woman advocating for herself in business settings. She emphasized her commitment to combating this discomfort by entering investment rooms armed with her undeniable credibility.

Ruka encouraged the group to adopt intentional approaches to securing financing. She emphasized the need to recognize endogenous factors acting as gender barriers to financing, as well as exogenous barriers such as currency fluctuations, market access, inflation, government policy, and supply chain considerations, among others.

To conclude the session, the entrepreneurs were provided with the opportunity to present their business strategies to the room and to receive valuable feedback to further improve them.

This gender masterclass is the first of a series of female focused masterclasses that cohort 8 will participate in, designed by GCIC to ensure that male and female led climate-smart SMEs within the business incubator can actively, fairly, and equitably participate in the business sector.