The Business of Leadership: Building Business Resilience for Uncertain Times

In engaging and working with our entrepreneurs over the past few weeks on the impact of COVID-19 on their businesses, it is apparent that the ability of businesses to survive during and post COVID-19 will be highly dependent on the quality of the business’s leadership – from the Founder, through to the management team as well as the Board level.

From the onset, the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre has been unequivocal in its determination to raise and support transformational entrepreneurs and businesses that can respond effectively to the global challenges posed by global warming and climate change.  Whilst our approach in providing that support includes the provision of business advisory services, technical support services, policy advocacy, as well as financing, the approach has been underpinned by conviction that enterprises that will go the long-haul with their businesses are those that are led by Founders and CEOs who see beyond the euphoria of their novel idea and can move on from the excitement and responsiveness of that idea to deliver: