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A note from the CEO

Change, learn, adapt, and move. These are the essential elements of both running a business–and transitioning to adulthood. It’s surprising how much experience in one of these areas can mirror the other. Both involve exploring the breadth of your own capacity, cultivating connections with yourself and with others, and, crucially, confronting the illusion of control.

That last one–recognizing the illusion of control–is the most anxiety-inducing for me. If I’m not careful it can make effort and strategy feel meaningless. But, it also inspires courage and tenacity and a truly profound appreciation for the human connections that sustain us.

Success cannot sustain because it is fleeting and slippery–and often feels tied to a hierarchy, rather than community.

And, honestly, that way of living needs to be dispelled. We need to lean into the community, develop caring relationships, and become more accountable adults because we’re also, rapidly, losing the illusion of our control over the environment.

“With every additional increment of global warming, changes in extremes continue to be larger… there wil be an increasing occurrence of some extreme events…” – IPCC, CC 2021 Report.


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released their latest 2021 Climate Change report and it states unequivocally that “Climate Change is already affecting every inhabited region across the globe with human influence contributing to many observed changes in weather and climate extremes.”

In case the wild flooding in China and Germany, wildfires in Greece, and insane droughts through North/West Africa weren’t enough to let us know climate change is having an impact today, this report makes the physical science evidence troublingly clear.

So, control…and not having it. We didn’t have it in the first place, so is it really a loss? I’m looking to the lessons of adulthood and business and embracing our capacity for change and adaptation. It is both the nature of our human hood – and an imperative of our current reality – to find a way to move forward.

This newsletter and this business are about more than convincing you to buy our product and support our business; I sincerely want to advocate, through my work and actions, for a way of being present in the world that is conscious, mindful, enjoyable and connected.
— Yvette

Business Highlights- GOING GLOBAL
We’re now supplying airlines!- We’re collaborating with the British High Commission on a climate change documentary ahead of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26 | Glasgow, Scotland | 1st – 12th Nov 2021)


Find us in the air 😉

Yvaya Farm Dried Fruits are now available on all Delta flights between Accra and Washington DC! Super excited about what this may mean for our exposure.

We listed with internationally-acclaimed catering service Newrest Ghana in June and have since been supplying our dried fruit on the new direct flight.




Chatting Agribusiness & COP 26 with Yvaya Farm and the British High Commission in Ghana

Happy to have been featured as part of a doc series from the British High Commission in Ghana highlighting climate-oriented work by British Ghanaians ahead of the United Nations 2021 Climate Change Conference.