Green Economy Innovation Session – Hosted By GCIC And IDIA

According to Valerie, African markets are home to 40% of global used vehicles, 80% of which do not meet basic emission standards. Many of these cars are exported to African markets after 10-15 years in markets such as US and Europe and do not last long on the Ghanaian roads. Her company, Mana Mobility, has aptly realized that no local manufacturer is producing vehicles to fulfil the emerging demand for electric vehicles to be used on the continent, and has embarked on a journey to create electric vehicles that have been designed to suit the context of Africa. 

By 2028, the MANA ecosystem intends to generate over 100,000 quality inclusive jobs and to sequester 1.1 million tons of CO2 saving. 

 Kobina Nyanteh, CEO of Translight Solar & Transvolt Ghana Ltd was an entrepreneur in cohort 1 of the GCIC Business Incubator. Translight has been focused on marketing solar solutions for the past couple of years and defining solutions for the technology and financial challenges.

In the next ten years, they hope to install an aggregate of 10GW solar systems, to create 10,000 jobs, 40% of which will go to women and to offset 16.5 million tons of carbon dioxide. 


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