GCIC’s Gender Barriers To Financing Masterclass

The Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) is committed to supporting female entrepreneurs in its Incubator with training and opportunities that will help them scale up their enterprises and empower them with the tools to grow sustainable eco-friendly businesses. 

As part of the training offered to female entrepreneurs in the GCIC Incubator, GCIC has held a two-day masterclass aimed at equipping them with the skills to compete on a larger business scale while still engaging in best practices that reduce their carbon footprint.  

Female led enterprises are often met with peculiar challenges in business, including barriers to financing their businesses. The World Bank has asserted that, barriers to accessing finance are generally associated with gender differences in income, legal rights, and lack of access to legal identification, credit histories, collateral, and technology.1  

The two-day masterclasses were facilitated by Ruka Sanusi, the Executive Director of GCIC and Leticia Browne, Director at Intelligent Capital Group. On the first day of the masterclass, Ruka held a session called Mastering the Marketplace where she shed light on the features and characteristics of the marketplace whilst identifying mechanisms and measures necessary to ensure that women in business are fully leveraging their business’s value proposition in the marketplace.