Sulley Amin Abubakar is the founder of Zaacoal, a green waste to energy business. Amin is a very curious social entrepreneur with extensive community-based research and development skills. Certainly, an unconventional self-starter, Sulley Amin is the man on a mission; a rising Ghanaian entrepreneur, creating affordable green energy for impact. With an eye for detail, he’s keen to make something out of nothing.

Zaacoal is an innovative Ghanaian company that produces clean burning and efficient charcoal from Coconut waste. The company is focused on contributing greatly to curbing deforestation, pollution, global warming and other health issues facing Ghana and other African countries. Zaacoal solves this and puts its society on the right path of achieving a cleaner society through the innovative production of charcoal briquettes from environmental waste (coconut husks and shell).