Nasam Brand Enterprise

Bismark Asamoah Asante is an entrepreneur and the founder of Nasam Brand Enterprise. The production site of the business is located at Adisadel in Cape Coast, whereas its sales shop is at Kasoa opposite ADB Bank in the Central Region of Ghana. Bismark Asamoah Asante is a member of Ghana Alliance for clean cooking (GHACCO). His company recently emerged the overall winner for 2018 National Best Improved Woodstove for Household Challenge at an award scheme organized by SNV, Netherlands Development Organization to recognize the efforts of entrepreneurs in the industry.

NASAM Brand Enterprise was founded by Bismark Asamoah Asante in the year 2015. Nasam has it production site at Cape coast near Adisadel and sales shop at Kasoa opposite the ADB Bank. Nasam enterprise is a Ghanaian clean stove manufacturer. Nasam designs and manufactures clean Woodstove, gas stoves and charcoal powered cook stoves for urban and rural households in Ghana and the rest of Africa. Nasam product line consist of Obaa hemaa special Woodstove, gas stoves, coalpots, grilled stoves and ovens. Nasam is a member of the Ghana Alliance for Clean Cooking (GHACCO) and recently emerged the winner of 2018 NATIONAL BEST IMPROVED WOODSTOVE FOR HOUSEHOLD CHALLENGE organised by SNV a Netherland Development Organisation in Ghana.