Global Bamboo Products Limited

Gloria Asare Adu is the founder and owner of Global Bamboo Products Limited (GBPL). Her dream in Bamboo and rattan business started 12 years ago. She holds a diploma in Agribusiness Management at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Ghana and has gained experience in business management through her work life over the years. Gloria has undertaken various courses and been on different workshops. One of such workshops led to the establishment of GBPL, which has pioneered the development of bamboo and other non-timber forest products in Ghana. She enjoys gardening, and dancing at her leisure times.

Global Bamboo Products Limited (GBPL) is a hybrid social enterprise in the development of Bamboo and other non-timber forest products (NTFP) providing a substitute for traditional timber products. GBPL’S main focus of business is the cultivation of bamboo and processing of bamboo into products such as bamboo charcoal and briquettes, construction for housing and furnishing, and crafts. The other arm of the enterprise involves skills training, agro forestry and other sustainable alternative livelihood activities.