BlueSparks Water Technologies


Isaac Monney is the Founder and Innovations Manager of Bluesparks Water Technologies Limited and a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Environmental Health and Sanitation Education, University of Education, Winneba. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, a Masters Degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management and currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Water Supply and Treatment Technologies at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.


Bluesparks Water Technologies provides innovative water and wastewater recycling technologies and services for domestic and industrial purposes. We are responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of wastewater recycling technologies currently for industrial applications. Since 2015, the company has been dedicated to developing innovative technologies for recycling of wastewater from the carwash industry. We have committed extensive resources into prototyping and field-testing different technologies suitable for carwash wastewater recycling in Ghana’s largest cities; Accra and Kumasi. With the support of a team of experts from South America and Europe, we currently have a functional technology that produces clean water from carwash wastewater. This will enable operators of carwash operators to increase their revenues by weaning them from the public water utility and hence get more value from the water. As water resources become scarce across the globe, such technology will contribute to protecting this vital resource.