Black Star Energy/ Energicity

Nicole Poindexter is the CEO of Black Star Energy, a renewable energy company that builds, owns and operates solar powered mini-grids for off grid communities with more than 100 households. Black Star Energy’s solar powered mini-grids provide 24-hour electricity to communities using solar and battery storage. Black Star Energy was the first company to receive a commercial license to develop and operate off grid solar powered mini-grids in Ghana; and currently operates several projects in the Ashanti Region serving 5500 people in several communities with reliable affordable electricity. Nicole was appointed to be an inaugural member of the US Department of Commerce Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee under Commerce Secretary Locke. She holds an MBA with distinction from Harvard University.

Black Star Energy is a developer, owner, and operator of solar-powered off -grids. Through their services, formerly off-grid communities now have access to electricity that is affordable, reliable and scalable to meet every household and commercial need. In addition to serving rural communities, Black Star Energy also provide off-grid electricity to health clinics – enabling them to provide better care for their patients with vaccines fridges, ultrasounds and lab equipment.