Founded in 2016, GCIC is a pioneering business incubator with a unique focus of developing SME ventures and entrepreneurs in Ghana’s ‘Green Economy’. Our mission is to develop and support an exceptional set of transformational ventures and entrepreneurs who are pioneering adaptive and mitigating solutions for climate change issues in Ghana. We do this with a focus on five key economic sectors (energy efficiency & renewable energy; solar power; climate smart agriculture; domestic waste management; water management and purification), the provision of premium business advisory and business mentoring services, technical support in the development, prototyping and testing of their innovation, as well as financial Proof of Concept grants to qualifying SMEs within our incubator.



GCIC is part of the World Bank’s infoDev Climate Technology Program, a unique programme that supports high-growth, clean-tech companies to commercialize and scale the most innovative private sector solutions to climate change. The CTP’s global network of Climate Innovation Centres includes centres in the Caribbean, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, and Vietnam.