Application Process

Application to join the Ghana Climate Innovation Centre’s incubator is in two broad steps

Step I: Expression of Interest – Prospective client will complete and submit an expression of interest(EOI) form by clicking APPLY below. These EOIs are reviewed periodically to determine strategic fit within the scope of Ghana CIC. Successful applicants from this phase will be progressed to the full application step. The next review of EOIs will commence on September 2017

Step II: Full Application – A full application can only be completed once Ghana CIC has reviewed the Expression of Interest form and confirmed that it is appropriate to move to this stage. The applicant will be directed to complete an application form. The application is to be completed within 1 week and submitted for appraisal. The appraisal process will involve a forum where the prospect will have the opportunity to discuss in details his/her product or service. Ghana CIC will also carry out a comprehensive due diligence of the entrepreneur during the appraisal process.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Ghana CIC supports entrepreneurs and new ventures in Ghana involved in developing profitable and locally-appropriate solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation. To be eligible to apply to the Ghana CIC, the business should fall into one of the following 5 sub sectors:

  1. Energy efficiency (Industrial & Household) – Lighting, Appliances, HVAC, Energy Efficient Manufacturing, Transmission & Distribution, Clean cook stoves and fuels
  2. Domestic waste management – Recycling, e-waste management, Biogas Generation, Biomass Power
  3. Solar energy – Offgrid/Distributed solar PV, Solar PV MW, Concentrated Solar PV MW, Solar Thermal MW, Solar Thin Film, Solar IT
  4. Water supply management and purification – Waste Water Treatment, Potable Water, Water use efficiency, Waste water recycling, Desalination, Rain water harvesting, Efficient irrigation
  5. Climate smart agriculture – New resilient crops/seeds, Water/energy efficient agri- machinery/equipment, Water/energy efficient irrigation systems, Climate friendly/energy efficient food processing, Bio pesticides & fertilizers, Agricultural waste management

Evaluation Criteria:

Applications will be evaluated on the level of impact (to environment, community and women as users of the technology) and the business potential. The most preferred businesses are those with a high business potential and high impact. High Impact but low business potential businesses may also be considered. Low impact businesses will generally not be considered.