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Mr. Michael Kwaku Commeh is the co-founder of Comeph and Associates along with Prof. J.H. Ephraim. Through out his research and development stages, he has mentored students (during project research works), research assistants, and interns who have gone on to be employed in various energy related jobs and obtained scholarships across the globe. He shares, "My quality is “nothing is impossible”, get the assignments done without failure and a desire to build trust!" Some of his research findings are currently being used in the academia circles within and outside of Ghana.

Company Profile: Comeph and Associates was formed over 5 years ago to fill the gap between proper rigorous research and solutions bothering on environmental issues. The enterprise is focused on commercial production of liquid fuel from plastics by using thermal cracking to break down plastic into liquid and gaseous components. It employs a technology which converts various polymers (plastic, vehicular tyres etc.) to any fuel of your choice.

Through the AP, the company has procured a 25L/hour production capacity Reactor to enable it produce liquid fuel from plastic on a large scale. Fuel samples have been produced and tested by the Ghana Standards Authority to ensure compliance with standard parameters required for commercial distribution. One of such fuels developed and tested is a fuel enhancer with octane number of 99. One of its products, Osagefo Fuel fully powered our GCIC vans during the national roadshow campaigns in 2017. Another intriguing story about Comeph is that, they have locally assembled some of their machines to produce the fuel.