Atlas Business and Energy Systems

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Sakeena Twumasi is an Executive Manager of Atlas Business and Energy Systems. Sakeena has been with Atlas since 2010 and rose up the ranks through her dedication and hard-work. In 2012, she took over the business and is currently managing employees, as well as the company’s 54 solar installations located in different regions of Ghana. Under her leadership, a Kumasi branch of the company will soon be opened.

Company Profile: Atlas Business and Energy Systems Ltd is a leading solution provider for renewable energy. ABES started its operation in 2008 and was fully established in 2010. The company is the first in Ghana to use local components to assemble solar panels and charge controllers. By using local capacity and know how, ABES can specifically design, assembly and install solar energy systems according to the needs of the clients. Their local presence and knowledge in assembly allows them to train and maintain the solar energy packages for their clients. Learn more